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  • Are you intimidated by technology, especially when it comes to your business?
  • Does the idea of developing an online business seem overwhelming to you?
  • Have you thought about offering virtual parties as an option for your hosts but can’t imagine how you’ll ever learn the technology to conduct them?
  • Does it feel like it’s too late and you’ve missed the chance to take your business online?

We’ve got great news. It’s not too late and one of the best tools for accomplishing all of the above is absolutely FREE! It’s called a Google Hangout, and thousands of direct sellers are using it to build and run their online businesses. We want to show you how you can, too, on our own FREE Google Hangout Webinar! 

Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • Exactly what a Google Hangout is & how to use it to conduct live, visual meetings with one or one hundred people right from your computer no matter where you are
  • The #1 reason you’re probably not using hangouts and a simple way to fix it
  • A simple, free tool that makes it easy to integrate a hangout directly into Facebook, making it a no-brainer and super comfortable for people to join your online meeting
  • A basic formula for using hangouts to host virtual parties, sponsor online, and mentor and train your team


Meet Your Trainers


We’re Julie Anne Jones and Nancy Golya, and between us, we have over 25 years of experience in the direct sales/party plan industry. We can relate to how you feel because we’ve both been there. No one (including us) even knew what social media was five years ago, and now it’s an important part of not only all of our lives, but also our businesses

Julie Anne used Facebook and social media to take her business “online” when the recession severely affected her speaking career in 2009. In the past five years she’s has built a consistent six figure income and a following of over 20,000 people using the exact strategies you’ll be learning on this program.

Nancy is “the queen of connection” and currently works with corporate direct sales companies as a trainer and recruiting expert. She brings her over fifteen years of experience in building relationships for business as well as her extensive knowledge of the direct sales industry to this program.

We started Your Inside Circle last year almost by accident, with the launch of our “Virtual Party Planner” program. Over 8000 people registered for our free webinars on that topic and the feedback we got was amazing. It inspired us to create an entire business dedicated to teaching you how to use technology in your direct sales business and we’ve spent the last year learning all we can about the topic. The one thing we know is, if you want to be successful at integrating online tools, technology, and social media into your business, you MUST be open to change.

Google+ has been slowly growing in popularity over the past year or so and their Hangouts (which integrate seamlessly with YouTube), have been steadily improving as a reliable, free platform for hosting meetings, events, parties, you name it of any size. Bottom line, NOW is the time to jump on board with Google+ and we are super excited about showing you exactly how to do that.

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